Donations From Mosques

Posted on: 21 July 2017

Donations From Mosques

Alhamdullilah after sending our appeal request and meeting with management of differents different Mosques in Leeds, we have been blessed with contribtion coming from Community fundrisng Agents who have attended Friday prayers from 3 Mosques so far in Leeds. They include Lincoln Green Mosque, Al-Towba Mosque and Ghousia Mosque.



We are also greatful to the Commettee of Daru Ilmi Mosque and Bilal Mosque both of Dewsbury for having given us opportunity to receive donations from their congregation on the weekend for the whole day prayers. Jazakum Allah Kheir.

On the 16/09/2017 our fundraising/donation team were in Sheffield UK at Al-Sunnah Masjid/Centre to do donatiom collection. Alhamdulillah they were there from Zuhur till Isha prayers where we managed to raise £498. We extend our gratitude to the management and brothers at Al-Sunnah for their support Jazkum Allah Kheyra.


Alhamdulilah in addition to our successful fundraising event at the Festival, this weekend 23 & 24 September our Mosque fundraising Teams were again in Sheffield. We were at Al-Rahman and The Message Islamic Information Centre Mosques. Donations collected were £716 & £1089 respectively. Our sincere gratitude to both Management and the congregations of the two Masajid.

On the 1st Oct 2017 Mosques Alhamdulilah the Fundraising Team was at Ibrahim Mosque in Leeds from Zuhur to Isha Namaz. With the generosity of the congregation at the Masjid we collected £695.01. Alhamdulilah and may Allah accept from all. We thank the management of the mosque for the opportunity.

Masha Allah the Team was again in Dewsbury at Masjid Umar from Zuhur till Isha Prayers. Alhadulillah we managed to collect £461.56 on the day.