Women Group

Leeds Swahili Women Group (LSWG)

Leeds Swahili Women Group is a wing run under Leeds Swahili Cultural Community at Ebor Garden Community Centre. We organize events that bring the whole community together and make a real difference to you, our children and our community. We have developed a culture based on mutual respect and teamwork among us. We create change in our community by inspiring and encouraging a spirit of togetherness.

The LSWG is dedicated to bringing about real and lasting changes to our community and the surrounding. We believe in helping make our community place where everyone is able to make the most of their life and fully explore and develop their potential. Where our people feel valued and respected, and are proud to contribute to the community in which they live in. We LSWG know that, in order to make the vibrant and successful community that we all want, we must put the need of children and young people at the heart of what we do, because every child and young person deserve the best in life, and a chance to fulfil their potential. We recognise that there are some very real needs and issues in our community that need addressing. They may be related to health or culture, or to the challenges of growing up or growing old. Whatever and wherever they are, LSWG is working to help change the situation for the better.

Our vision

  • To unite Swahili women in Leeds
  • To provide educational support to our children
  • Fund rising
  • Organizing activities and events such as day out , Idd festivals, Ramadhan, and kids activities,
  • Educational support  for women's
  • Provision of recreational activities·

What we do

Providing help and support for women’s groups to build capacity to become sustainable independent and well manage.

Activities for young girls by supporting them to build their skills into different activities such as sewing classes, cookery and handcraft activities

Help and support women’s to achieve their health, fitness and well-being goals

We help to provide information available to the local authorities such as employment opportunities and education matters for our women and young adults.


We are very proud of our success in such a short period of time, made possible only through the volunteers and your support.

To do this we need your support. Please continue to support us.