The Community providing after school educational support to help and meet the needs of children, their families and the wider community by giving group and individual tuition in Mathematics, Science and English.

The programme seeks to assist children in the five-16 years age group achieve their potential in school work in the three core subjects. 

The challenge faced the Center is lack of qualified teaching volunteers among the local community. But in partnership with Leeds University Student Union we managed to get volunteer students to start this programme. Currently the Centre has established work with qualified teachers of the subjects that are taught at the Centre. As our resources are limited we are only able to acquire minimum number of these teachers, thus any support of funds is invited in order to increase the number of the teaching staff.

The centre also invites anybody else with a passion for teaching any of those subjects on a voluntary basis to get in touch.


  • Helping children and young teenagers from deprived areas fulfil their educational potential by providing educational support based on their mainstream school curricula.
  • Facilitating the social and cultural integration of parents/guardians and children from ethnic migrant communities into the British way of life via regular socio-cultural and educational activities.
  • Promoting and developing exemplary role models via volunteering services aimed at transforming the lives of targeted children and young teenagers.


We are proud of the following achievements:

  1. With the help of the educational activities, the community for the first time have produced students (four) that were offered University place and currently taking different degree courses. This achievement has been a very positive one especially for all of our students within the community to have inspiration and exemplary that they also can make to higher education with the support from the Learning Centre.
  2. The learning centre has got referrals for students who needed extra support in order to improve their A level grades.
  3. Referrals to work with local surrounding schools.
  4. Students have developed and improved their numeracy and literacy according to previous and current performance reports/records from the schools.
  5. Initiatives for Personal development skills for our teachers and volunteers have been established working in partnership with other establishments like Voluntary Action Leeds (VAL) through trainings.
  6.  The high standard of our Learning centre have been recognised and awarded silver award by the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education (Leeds). See link
  7. In addition to cater for educational needs of the community children, we have managed to also establish and influence parents to engage in education where they can influence their children positively when they see them in education circles. Thus, introduction of the Friday Youth Club, Women Health & Well-Being.
  8. Friday Islamic sessions to provide an interactive platform via which parents/guardians, teachers get together to discuss various aspects of RE lessons during the week. We use this session to closely examine and assess relevant events that may have appeared in the media during the week that are considered to have immediate ramifications on upbringing and socio-cultural integration. The main motivation for these sessions derives from the current climate of radicalisation and socio-cultural disillusionment
  9. Our Youths have managed to participate in various youth activities and support services that positively contribute towards social well-being to the general public. See link