As we celebrate many important achievements, LSCC still highlight the fact that future for our children/students, their families and the local community which LSCC serves remains challenging. There are still many challenges ahead as student population raise, yet others we cannot  extend our services to them and have to remain in waiting list due to lack of resources (space to operate 7 days a week, funds). Thus, with increased numbers of members, LSCC is fast becoming constrained on space. At present we are hiring other centers from Local Authority which in lieu of a permanent place. This allows us to conduct community activities. However this also creates restrictions in the forms of financial, booking, unavailability of centers due to other events i.e. booking from other organizations, weddings, lessons etc. We have been struggling to find a suit able permanent place for our activities, but this new opportunity presents with a prospect of having a community centre specifically catering for the needs our extended community living in Leeds.

 The management vision and long term strategy is to acquire its own facility which will allow full access and higher student capacity and thus enabling to provide quality education which not only will provide Islamic value but also as role model in this very challenging environment. This has remain a dream till now given our current level of income, this is by all standards a daunting challenge and so we call upon any individuals and institutions to support us in our efforts to get a permanent premises that we can operate 7 days a week

Allah Ta’ala Says:

“The likeness of those who spend their wealth in Allah's way is as the likeness of a grain which growth seven ears, in every ear a hundred grains. Allah giveth increase manifold to whom He will. Allah is All-Embracing, All-Knowing.”



In order to fulfil this dream LSCC Management in conjunction with the members has started initiatives mounting funds towards this project. This was as a result of seeing a property within our operational vicinity being auctioned for only £180,000. These led the management meet with other running committee members including Madrasah teachers on the 13th April 2016 and discuss in depth as how important is for the community to start internal fundraising within the community members. It was agreed on that meeting that we should go and consult our brothers and sisters in Coventry Madrasatul Aqsaa (May Allah bless them all), and learn from them on how they managed to start similar project and Alhamdulillah now they have their own premises.

We came back from Coventry on the 23rd April 2016 very optimistic that we can start building project after inspirational information and advice from our Coventry brethren. We have managed to establish project facilitating members led by four committee members while others pledging to be committed project members in full support of any proposal that are going to be discussed and proposed.


On the 2nd May 2016 the project leaders came with a proposal to committed project members of how as a community we can seriously start looking into internal community fundraising. It was agreed that there should be three groups within the community namely: Single members, Family Members and other Group members, where a starting target of over £15,000 is to be raised before 31st December 2016. If this is to be realised, then management and the community will be in a position to put extra efforts in contributing more and finally go public to ask for assistance. The community we would have a decent amount in the account to convince others to join us in the fundraising.

Single members contributed £100, committed family members £250 and other family members £200 and finally  Men Group and Women Group, both commited to raise £2500 respectavely. This was proposed also to the general meeting of all community members on the 28th May 2015 and Alhamdulillah the community showed interested and was happy for proposal to go ahead.  Initially this was a test start for our community targeting of over £15,000 by December 2016, but Alhamdulillah by end of that month the total raised was over £20,000 exceeding the trial amount.


We call upon all individuals and organisations local, national and international to assist us in this noble cause and ask Allah SW to bless you all as we embark into this journey together. We also ask Allah SW to enable us achieve this goal and help us do this project only for his sake. Amin

We look forward to your support

Thank You.

Project Management Team.