Our Team

Chairman: Mr A H Ramadhan 

a) The overall supervisor of all affairs of the Association.

b) Official spokesperson, head of General Meeting and Executive Committee

c)Forming special committee(or task group) to execute specific ventures.


Vice Chairman: Mr Maxmed Hussein

a) Perform all duties of the Chairman and responsibilities in his absences.

b) Responsible to Chairman.


PrincipaSecretary: Mr Idi Hassan

a) Secretary of the General Meeting and Executive Committee

b) Custodian of maintaining permanent records related with resolution, proceedings of meeting and general affairs of the Association.

c) Setting meeting agendas in collaboration with the Chairman.

d ) Responsible for convening General and Executive Committee Meetings.

e) Monitoring the implementation of policies.

f) Responsible to Chairman.


Finance/Planning: Mr Majid Mansour & Mr Mohammed Ismail

a) Keep proper set of financial documents or accounts.

b) Presenting financial reports to the Executive Committee and General Meeting.

c) Management of financial affairs of auditing purposes.

d) Head of fundraising committee

e) Preparing Association budget in collaboration with head of departments f) Planning Association activities.

g) Responsible to Chairman.